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B.M. - Levy County

"First just let me start off by saying Mark Feather is an honest, amazing, wonderful person. Not only did he help change my life, he help change my future. I had spoke to many different lawyers out there, trying to find the right one who could help me, and my situation. Every single lawyer told me that they wouldn't want to waist my time or my money because it was impossible to go back to court and change a plea. I had changed my life around and was wanting to go to school for nursing, but there was one problem stopping me and that was one of my charges. So I ended up finding Mark feathers, and even though he couldn't promise me anything, he was still willing to give it a shot and try to petition the courts to change my plea. Let's just say we went in to court to change my charge to a lesser offence so that I can get into school, but it was even better. My charge ended up getting completely dismissed. Let me tell you again, MY CHARGE GOT DISMISSED!!!!. I am so thankful that I found someone who was willing to listen and actually try and help me and if it wasn't for him, this would have never happened. I just wanted to say thank you for everything that you have done. I would totally recommend him to anybody who are in need of a lawyer, he is the best one out there."

S. H. - Dixie County

"If you ever find yourself in need of the best legal representation in the Tri-County area, and results are of the utmost importance, then contact Mark J. Feather. My case was handled with professionalism from start to finish with the (blessed/best) results you could pray for. His staff was friendly, patient and professional. They were available to answer any questions and always quick to get back to me. I am very grateful to Mark J. Feather. He is a Wonderful Christian, in addition to being a conscientious, meticulous, and skilled Attorney. He was a calm and steady presence, giving me peace of mind that my case was in blessed hands. It is with great pleasure and for those aforementioned reasons that I endorse him, and proudly recommend him to any person seeking legal representation in our criminal justice system."

T. J. M. - Dixie County

"One day eating lunch at Akins me and my daughter sat at the same table with Mr Mark and his father. Awesome people, great conversation, and I would recommend him as an attorney."

C. B. - Dixie County

"Mark Feather is Honest. He will tell you your honest legal options and he will fight for your rights! I highly recommend Mark Feather. Great Professional Attorney!"

S. G. - Gilchrist County

"The legal system can be slow and tedious.  Mr. Feather attended to my legal issue and plowed through it bringing my case to a just and favorable outcome in my favor. Highly recommend Mr. Feather, he worked hard getting my issue resolved in a timely and professional manner. Thanks for all the hard work."

R.S. - Levy County

"Honest dedicated lawyer. A spiritual man with principles. Does what he says and you'll never go wrong having Mr. Feather represent you."

W.F. - Dixie County

A rare person indeed and even more rare when he represents you as an attorney.  Mark is not like many, many others that are just playing the deal game. As a true trial attorney, Mark doesn't hesitate to represent you fully!  "An exceptional and honest man of character.  You will never regret having Mark represent you. His experience,  knowledge and tenacity is is exactly what I needed."

A.G. - Alachua County

"The staff was so kind and willing to assist to me. Mr Feather was awesome and knowledgeable of the situation and how to handle it. He was quick to resolve everything less than 2 weeks. He is a great, down to to earth person. Highly recommended."

A.L. - Levy County

"The staff is simply amazing, Mr.Feather works extremely well with his clients to get the best results possible. This firm sets a standard for what a lawyer should be. Mr.Feather has left an impressionable mark on me that will not be forgotten. If you ever need help this is the firm to pick."

R.H. - Gilchrist County

"Mark and his team are amazing. Definitely recommend our local attorney. Couldn’t have asked for any better results than what Mark made happen for me. Thank you for everything you guys did for me!"